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Provide a teacher with relevant experience in your industry through our Teacher Externship Program.

Teacher Summer Externship

Provide a Teacher Externship for a High School Teacher

The YES! Teacher Summer Externship is an initiative of Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas that provides high school educators with professional development opportunities to enrich classroom to career connections for students. High school educators spend time with businesses in various industries to learn through direct job site experiences about how classroom content and learning strategies are applied in the workplace and to bring relevance to student learning.

Why teach a teacher?

Industry business partners benefit from the externship program in the following ways:

  • Impacting the classroom without leaving the walls of your company
  • Allowing teachers to keep abreast of changes in your industry field & use that knowledge in the classroom
  • Engaging with local educators and school districts
  • Providing your company with a highly visible community engagement activity
  • Contributing to the homegrown pipeline of your industry’s future employees
What is required of the industry business externship host?

Participation in the Externship Week from June 5-9, 2023, which consists of:

  • June 5: Attend the Meet & Greet Orientation for Business Externship Hosts and Teachers from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (lunch to be provided)
  • June 6-8: Host Teachers on-site during the three-day externship for industry experience/ job shadowing
  • June 9: Complete the Business Externship Host Evaluation of the Externship Program
What does it cost the industry business externship host?

Not a thing. Teacher stipends, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance are covered by the participating Independent School District and through a grant from the Texas Workforce Commission. There is no cost to the business partner.

​The Teacher Externship was not funded for Summer 2022.

Contact Information:
Jose Palacios, Manager of Business and Industry Initiatives
Phone: 254-296-5383
Email Jose Palacios

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